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80% of people in the world
do not like their work.

Everyone has a certain talent...

...which can become a tool to a satisfying and rewarding professional life.

The project is aimed at all children
and young people who soon will face
a future career choice.


We offer the children tools and solutions, which will allow them to discover their own natural abilities and predispositions. For this purpose, our programs are diverse and adjusted to particular age groups.

Educators and psychologists work with small children. On the basis of observation and conversations they define what directions of development would be the best adjusted to the preferences and character of a child. As a result, it is far easier to select additional classes and forms of entertainment, which will allow them to develop and learn through fun.

For teenagers, we organize classes related to a broad range of professional activities, so that each of them could try various professions in practice and choose the one that suits them best. In addition, through professional advisors and psychologists cooperating with us, we conduct personality tests for professional predispositions. They are adequately adjusted to the age of the people using them. After the analysis and preparation of results along with the young man who took part in the test, we help to select classes and directions of development matching the person best.

The above mentioned forms are the basis for the beginning which precedes further actions aimed at development of particular people. More information in this matter may be found on our website.