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80% of people in the world
do not like their work.

Everyone has a certain talent...

...which can become a tool to a satisfying and rewarding professional life.

The project is aimed at all children
and young people who soon will face
a future career choice.

How did The Fishing Rod Foundation begin?

Edith Sawicka Derlon It all started with a visit to a Polish orphanage but today is for children around the world.

Four years ago in 2010 Edith Derlon began a personal journey to Poland to find the father she hadn’t seen for forty years. On her way she came into contact with the children of a Polish orphanage, identifying with these children she showered them with gifts. But the children didn’t seem to care. How could this be?

They explained that they received a lot of toys and while they were nice they were kind of ‘easy come, easy go’. A shocked Edith told them that she had worked very hard to make the money to buy the gifts for them and that the children should do something in return to show they were grateful.

Now she had the children’s attention. Because they’d just been given a platform to do what they really wanted to do. Be creative and be themselves. One girl created the most beautiful paintings, another child wrote incredible stories. And as they explored, they evolved. The children started to come out of themselves, to become happy, they started to become who they really were.

Suddenly from seeing no value in the gifts they were routinely given they started to discover the real value in themselves. And this is how the dream was born and why The Fishing Rod Foundation for Children exists – to give underprivileged children around the world opportunities to make a positive contribution through work, learning, and apprenticeships. And in making that contribution, become valuable members of society.