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80% of people in the world
do not like their work.

Everyone has a certain talent...

...which can become a tool to a satisfying and rewarding professional life.

The project is aimed at all children
and young people who soon will face
a future career choice.


Observing the selected occupation in practice is a priceless experience for young people. Sometimes it is the beginning of passion and enthusiasm which leads to exercising it in the future. The place of work itself, the atmosphere connected with it, the facilities and people who are there, it stimulates imagination better than any words and leaves unforgettable impressions.

If you work at a place of you like and you would like to show it to the children and teenagers, it would be very helpful. These youths in a few years will have to choose what they want to do in their lives - such practical knowledge will be priceless for them. Everyone eager to cooperate is welcome to contact us. If it's necessary, we will help you to arrange such a meeting .