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80% of people in the world
do not like their work.

Everyone has a certain talent...

...which can become a tool to a satisfying and rewarding professional life.

The project is aimed at all children
and young people who soon will face
a future career choice.

Voluntary service, internships

Practice is the best way to learn something . For older teenagers we organize internships and trainings which for them will be one of the first professional experiences. We are looking for places where young people will be able to learn from specialists. Those who still attend school are shown how, as a result of working in voluntary service, first experiences can be gained, interesting people may be met, and how to establish contacts for the future. Such a form is only seemingly selfless because the knowledge from such an experience, which will pay in the future, is a payment itself. Whereas, the mere fact of being a volunteer may be the first entry in a CV.

If your friends or yourselves run a business and you have the possibility to accept interns/trainees, with an opportunity to employ them in the future, or you need volunteers to an interesting project, and you don't know how to take care of formalities, we will help you. We shall arrange everything what's necessary and search the most suitable trainee or intern for you, for the selected position.